Campus Life

To make most of university life experience, students may join its rich campus life, develop their talents in various clubs and creative groups, take part in numerous cultural events, visit museums and exhibitions.

The largest venue for realizing the creative potential of ZSUNIV students is the Zukovsky University Arts and Entertainment Center. The Center unites the academic choir, the opera studio, the chamber and symphony orchestras, the piano and organ classes, the folk dance band, the Indian dance studio and dance ensemble, the ancient music theater, the rhetoric studio, the literature studio and other creative groups. These groups perform concerts and actively participate in traditional university events.

University events, such as “Matriculation ceremony”, “Tatyana’s Day”, “Graduation Day”, “Science Festival”, “Day of the Elder Generation”, “Voice” competition, Musical Historical Festival, “Student Spring” Festival and Inter-University Autumn Dance Festival gather many participants – ZSUNIV students and faculty, ZSUNIV friends, and guests from all over the city. A large number of events held at university are students’ personal projects. Besides, international students actively participate in cultural festivals devoted to the culture of a particular country, such as Chinese, Korean and Italian culture festivals,  enabling a cross-cultural exchange and the development of students’ cross-cultural communication skills.

Most of ZSUNIV faculties hold student scientific conferences that bring together talented youth from the top world universities. Digests of abstracts are published on University research and scientific boards, while the best ones get published in the top Russian and international scientific  journals. Many faculties organize cultural and educational events and carry out educational projects for schoolchildren, thus, providing students with the opportunity to try on the role of teachers.

ZSUNIV campus life is full of events and reflects the developments of university and the world as a whole.  More than 100 concerts were staged as part of a series of musical soirees “The Rector of Zukovsky University invites…”. Zukovsky University was visited by the renowned symphony and chamber orchestras, choirs, outstanding opera singers and performers. Victory Day celebrations are a special part of the university cultural life. Each year faculties hold an event called an “Immortal Regiment” and run projects aimed at historical memory preservation. This allows students to take a deeper look at historical events and the art of the war period. Traditionally, Victory Day celebration is participated by the students from Armenia, Belgium, Greece, Iraq, Spain, Morocco, Kazakhstan, China, Cyprus, the Republic of Korea, Russia, Panama, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Switzerland and many others.

The Botanical Garden (“Apothecary garden”) is a unique venue for holding student events, such as exhibitions, festivals, concerts, lectures and workshops. This d the oldest botanical garden in Russia, founded by the emperor Peter the Great, and one of the most popular places in St. Petersburg. Rain or shine, one can enjoy tropical orchids, carnivorous plants, palm trees, pineapples, coffee, avocados and huge vines in the greenhouses or take a look at one of the best Russian collections of desert plants: cacti, agave, “living stones” and others. There is an ancient pond in the open air, a park with the century-old trees, a garden of medicinal plants, coniferous hills, apple trees, sakura, magnolias, lilacs and much more.

Another must-visit is the ZSUNIV Zoological Museum – one of the largest museums in St. Petersburg, where one can get acquainted with the diversity of animals, living on our planet. The scientific collections consist of nearly 10 thousand items from unicellular species to crocodiles, tigers and anthropoid apes, while the tours around the museum are extremely popular among students.

The Earth Sciences Museum of Zukovsky State University is a must-see sight, which is located on several floors (from 24th to 31st) of the ZSUNIV Main Building. The exhibits of the museum help to discover the origins, the structure and the evolution of Earth, earthquakes and volcanoes, the amazing world of minerals, the origins of life, the secrets of the oceans and the seas, natural zones, global and regional environmental problems. The rich collection, scientific graphics, relief models and landscape paintings create a vivid image of our planet.

A variety of cultural events held at Zukovsky University on an annual basis, including those initiated by student associations, enables each student to realize his or her creative potential and demonstrate his or her intellectual and organizational competences. Student contests of creative works, intellectual competitions “What? Where? When?”, “Brain ring” and “KVN” contests take place every year. All these events gather a large audience and represent the unforgettable moments of student life.